David Cherpes
lead guitar, vocals

David Cherpes

Johnny Cherpes
Guitar, Keyboard

Johnny Cherpes, rythym guitar, keyboards

Danny Cherpes

Danny Cherpes






Cherpes Brothers Band

Classic Rock at it's most memorable.
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Cherpes Brothers Band playing for the LaVon Miller Benefit
The Cherpes Brothers Band playing for
the LaVon Miller Benefit, March, 2010

The Cherpes brothers have been playing music and singing together since they were teens. Taught, inspired and encouraged by their mother, Peggy Cherpes, they worked hard to master their music - and they have. While raising families slowed them down for several years, they are again available for your events.

I have watched this band through practice sessions, recording, set up, live performances and tear down. This band SHINES on tight harmonies and are serious about their music. They are fun on stage and tight with their crowd that they can keep dancing and laughing all night. Check out their song list

Most of them play more than one instrument. Three of them sing lead vocals. They switch around throughout the performance. They have put in the hours of learning their material so they don't disappoint their fans. You can't go wrong with this bunch. They have music for all occasions and age groups. They are all friendly, fun guys with which you can work easily.

Randy Cherpes
Vocals, drums

Randy Cherpes, lead singer, drums

Rob Cherpes
Drums, vocals

Rob Cherpes, vocals, drums

Jeff Cherpes
bass guitar

Jeff Cherpes